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In What Are We Going To Do Next? – Social Team-building and Finding fun for city adventurers, Catherine shows that adventures do not need to be physically demanding, nor in hostile environments. She explains that adventure can be found within city environments.

Drawing on years of experience, Catherine explores the importance of shared activities and experiences, and shows how to find adventures and mystery solving within the city.

This fascinating book shows how social team-building builds memories and happiness. It explores how to find others who share similar passions. Once you have read the book you will be able to spot the opportunities for fun adventures in your life.

The book is extremely well researched and beautifully written, and the most valuable read for helping  build real teamwork.

Raymond Aaron, the NY Times Best-selling Author and Professional Speaker

This book is the user manual on the different types of interactive events you can find in a city. It shows the importance of sharing experiences in building memories and how shared memories can bind the group together better than anything else. It explains that you don’t need high adrenalin, all action, experiences to be a city adventurer.

Paul Mayhew FIC Business Consultant

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsSocial Team-Building

By G. Jackson on 29 Nov. 2015

Format: Paperback

Virtually all my career has been involved in sales, in fact over thirty years of experience dealing with national retail and wholesale buyers as well those that serve the Independents. Irrespective of the size of the company that I have worked for, whether small family businesses or major FMCG international companies, one thing that has proved to be of utmost importance, is that of team-building. Not just for the efficiencies and performance of the staff within the company, but equally as important, the building and strengthening of the team morale, friendship and trust. Inevitably, after events ranging from paintball to flying days, adventure to treasure hunts and so on, the bonding between the employees was immense, so much so that many became and have remained good personal friends. Sharing these experiences spilled into my personal life and many monthly/annual events and adventures have been organised by myself and my friends - all looked forward to with anticipation and excitement, always remembered with fondness and great memories.

Now this book, 'What Are We Going To Do Next', enables all, irrespective of who, to encompass the thrill and fun of organising such team-building events, both in the work place and socially, and really opens the doors for great times with others, whether a novice or experienced organiser. Another valued point that I have seen come from team-building is individual achievements in overcoming various phobias, fears or simple confidence issues - those supposedly 'weak' members have gone on to better their lives both career-wise and socially, one of my colleagues even overcoming his fear of flying then gaining a promotion in an international role! A good read and highly recommended!

Treasure hunting is a great way to spend a few hours – being competitive, exploring local sites and learning new things. Do you have a competitive spirit and sense of adventure? If so, it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon. It's great racing through galleries and tourist attractions to spot the things other people miss.  I would recommend Treasure Hunts in London.

Rachel Bowyer, Engagement Partner at Financial Ombudsman Service

Eagerly, I started reading and although it surely has a place in the leisure market, I couldn’t help myself of constantly drawing connections to the business world. The insights into situational behaviour are most applicable to the world we face daily in business. A must read for all who want to push their team relationships to a new level. Social teambuilding is becoming an invaluable asset to create fun, trust, form meaningful relationships and ultimate success. Catherine presents a thorough research, sharing life lessons applied to social situations with innovative ideas. Most valuable!

Maria Schuett, Founder of Meet the Future - Event Technology Conference and Head of Marketing Central Hall Westminster